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ronss 10-18-2004 04:58 AM

xine engine and mandrake 10.1 and xmms
got kaffine dvd player working, but am unable to install the xine engine. anyone eles have this problem- man 10.1. where can i get the xmms player for man 10.1 and athlon 7

Junior41180 10-18-2004 06:13 AM

You can use urpmi to install xmms.

as root, issue the command urpmi xmms

and it should automatically install everything for you. :)

as for a proble installing Xine, nope, no problems here.

ronss 10-18-2004 06:24 AM

great. another question- is there a equalizer settings for amarok. got it working, but can seem to make any settings playing music. okay, got xmms installed using the rpm wrapper command. xmms seems to work okay in gnome , but has a tendency to freeze in kde.

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