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antken 03-02-2004 04:16 PM

world writeable files will not stay world writeable

okay i have about 100mb of accounts files sat on a windows server replacement samba box ( mandrake 9.1 with samba 3 )

the box is working fine with samba and what have you, however the company uses a popular account package called SAGE. Now if i go do a chmod 777 on all the data files ( chmod -R 777 /company/accounts ) the system runs fine all day.

when the users come to use the system in the morning all the permissions have been nocked back to nothing ( just read ), and the program requires full write permissions to the files ( dont worry the samba share is only avalible to select users )

now i am having trouble finding what cron process is fiddle-ing with my files.
out of annoyance i wiped out msec in /etc/cron.daily and it still switches my files back.

( i presume its cron because it changes back over night, and its not a user because the account are all disabled over night )

the main company data folder 'company' is in the root dir ( / )
the distro is mandrake 9.1
and i have samba 3 running.

does anyone out there have any ideas?


jschiwal 03-02-2004 05:04 PM

Mandrake uses a program which produces the cron jobs to do this. I think it's called msec. If you go into the MCC and go into the security section, you should be able to fine tune the rules there by allowing that directory to have world writable files. The users guide for Mandrake 9.1 which you may have on disk, or could download from their web site will have instructions also. If you have webmin installed on the mandrake box, there may be a module for msec, however I'm not sure about that. Also, for security reasons, you may not have a web-server installed on the box.

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