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ucffool 06-24-2005 10:23 AM

Web Collage (X_Screensaver) won't work LE2005 (kde)
I can't seem to get the Web Collage Screensaver working... I figured it is because of a lack of anything in /usr/local/lib
I even tried to not use the KDE screen saver (use just hte Xscreensaver-demo) but still running 'test' still nets anything....
My only reference I have found is: www[dot]pcworld[dot]idg[dot]com[dot]au/index.php/id;1455191419;fp;2;fpid;1039317049

Anyone have this working and may have some insight on what I'm missing? It's installed, and so is chbg (according to me trying 'urpmi chbg')?

Lakota 06-24-2005 10:45 AM

I tried that one out about two years ago. Just be aware incase you have kids, it grabs random images off the net. Therefore, within a few minutes you will have smut pics on your desktop, eventually hardcore. I would not recommend this screen saver to anybody.

One I would recommend if you are interested is "Euphoria" found under "open gl" screensavers.

I realize that is not much help, but I thought maybe you were not aware of the issues with webcollage.

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