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Johng 08-06-2010 06:57 PM

waiting for device sdb8 to appear (time out 1 min)
OS Mandriva 2010.0

Booting hangs for 1 minute, displaying:

waiting for device sdb8 to appear (time out 1 min)
waiting for device sda6 to appear (time out 1 min)

sdb8 is the root partition, and sda6 is the swap partition.

The relevant Grub entry is:

title Mandriva 2010
kernel (hd1,7)/boot/vmlinuz BOOT_IMAGE=Mandriva_2010 root=UUID=7852b6a0-5e61-4c9e-b38e-e4dbce46fcd9 splash=silent vga=788
initrd (hd1,7)/boot/initrd.img

My fstab:

# Entry for /dev/sdb8 :
UUID=7852b6a0-5e61-4c9e-b38e-e4dbce46fcd9 / ext3 relatime 1 1

# Entry for /dev/sda6 :
UUID=2e72bc39-fd48-4e36-9eaa-cca5e025cf53 swap swap defaults 0 0

(other entries excluded)

The question is: How can I eliminate the 1 minute hang, or at least reduce the time?

ernie 08-07-2010 01:03 AM

When I initially installed 2010.0, I had the same issue, but shortly after the initial release, I installed several updates, and the issue was resolved (I no longer remember which resolved the issue, but I think it was a kernel update). Check for updates, or upgrade to Mandriva 2010.1 (Spring). Unless your issue is not the same as mine, that should be all you need to do.


King_DuckZ 08-07-2010 04:52 PM

I had this problem when I tried to use an old UUID that didn't exist anymore in menu.lst, but I assume you already checked they're correct.
Otherwise, I recently had it again (after updating to 2010.1) when booting from kernel while the system had automatically installed from MIB. But there the loading finished in kernel panic right after the timeout. What I did was drop MIB from my sources and reinstall kernel-latest (so
If you happen to be in one of those cases, I hope I've been of some help. Good luck!

Johng 08-08-2010 12:49 AM

Thank you ernie and King_DuckZ for your quick replies.

I installed kernel-desktop-latest, and the problem went away. Thanks again.

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