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Kocil 08-22-2003 04:34 AM

VNC server
Hi all.

Glad that Mandrake has it's own forum now.
Just simple question, how can I turn on Mandrake as a VNC server ?
I want to access it remotelly from Windows.


acid_kewpie 08-22-2003 04:39 AM

well, just install the server and use the "vncserver" command to start an Xserver for it... then just connect away. see the vncserver manpage for extra details like colordepth's and such like.

norikage 08-22-2003 07:25 AM

I had problem with vnc lately, and i still have. I have seen on the net that libqt3-3.1.1-14 or higher needs to be installed to be able to see linux desktop. Otherwise, the screen is all gray, or the walpaper is there and some panel icons but nothing works.

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