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TigerCardeo 04-16-2004 04:50 PM

Funny thing @ mandrake site their ads...they have a typo!!! ROFL! :p

It's a blue adv that says,
"The full strenght of linux"


repeater75 04-17-2004 12:15 AM

you know, as much as I love those frenchies over there at Mandrakesoft, they are good for quite a few typos in the last few years. (I'm half French so no politically correct garbage please)

I've been using Mandrake since version 6 came out. Sometimes you'll have partially translated pages or interface elements...its all part of the Mandrake charm. Very French of them, too.

If you want your linux more "corporatey" go for RedHat 9. I'll take mine Frenchy.

and (slightly) off topic: some people charachterize Mandrake as a stricly noob distro. I say that's crap. Mandrake can do everything any other distro can. Its just configured for newer users out of the box. See for a great example of the use of Mandrake to set up a very sophisticated mailserver made from respected and completely open-source software!

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