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barrys 09-24-2003 01:42 AM

Using 9.2 can this bug be fixed.
I have installed 9.2 rc2 on several machines and for friends. It works but I have found some things that appear to be bugs and wondered if anyone has work arounds, as I don't want to feep reinstalling?

1. When you load a rpm using the packet manager - I loaded all the games that hadn't been included on the startbar- going back to the start bar all the ikons have turned into the book ikon. What is worse there are several missing items. Worse of which is the loss of the konsul and Configure your computer so you cannot get to mcc.

You can get to the mcc with the Konsul but how do you get to the konsul as it no longer appears on the desktop? Anyone know how to restore the original startmenu?

2. The next is a bit of a setback as I have always used the ethernet to connect and this starts on boot. However, when my friend wanted to connect with a V.90 modem on the com port -couldn't load a pci card modem winmodem or not- I found the only apparent way was to go through mcc, hence the realisation the Bug 1 causes no end of problems if you have loaded an rpm.

There used to be a little world ikon to do connect and disconnect on early Linux distro's, is there someway to get that back, or a dial up app without having to reconfigure?

Any help would be appreciated.:confused:

carlywarly 09-24-2003 02:47 AM

It's a release candidate - send bug reports to mandrake.

perry 09-24-2003 05:36 AM

yes it can be fixed
ran into the exact same problem

installed 9.2 and while that went fine, i went on to install Quake when all of the sudden my menu system seemed to develop amnesia

so i put up with it for a couple days and then i said "hey, what does menudrake think about this"

so i went over to menudrake and it said "hey look at your lovely menu setup" so i said hey, thats not what i see at the moment

so it said "shit, update it then"

so i said "shit, yes do that"

and it did!

- perry

serious, run menudrake (or whatever sets up the menu) and tell it to update/save - worked for me

barrys 09-25-2003 06:28 AM

Thanks, that solves the problem. Can you help with another?

If you have a dial up connection is the only way to get on and off
line with the mcc? Earlier RH had a little world to click on?

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