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Mazen Alzogbi 11-14-2003 04:59 PM

USB Genius Modem not being detected!

I am completely new to Linux and finally decided to use Mandrake 9.1 after trying RedHat, Gentoo and even FreeBSD.

I have a USB Genius Modem hooked up to my desktop machine but it's not detected by any system. To be more precise, Mandrake (and only Mandrake) can recognize a USB 56K Modem under the Unknown/Other category of the Control Center.

I am eager to see this modem working and make Mandrake "talk" to it properly. Everything else is working alright *So far*


Caeda 11-14-2003 05:03 PM

Well, since its a Modem on a USB port, its probably a win modem, and just plain isnt going to work. Suse 9 has new utilites for internal win-modems, and various websites have various win modem drivers, but more than likely you'll need to go buy a decent, brand name, in order to dial anything.

tricky_linux 11-14-2003 08:19 PM

I am a person who doesn't like to replace thing by buying new one.
SO, here i will solve your problem.
First of all, you need to know what kind chipset do you have for your USB modem, which you could use a utility at
it you run of the util.
It will tell you pretty much all the information about your modem and please post your output of "dmesg" or "lspci" which will be very helpful to troubleshoot or find the driver you need.

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