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spaaarky21 06-13-2004 01:39 AM

Upgrading to Mandrake 10 from Slackware 8?
I have a machine that is running Slackware 8.x that I want to install Mandrake 10 on but don't want to lose all my files, configurations, etc. I seem to recall there being an option in the Mandrake installer to update rather than do a clean install. Assuming I'm not imagining this, would such an option work if the previous distro was Slackware instead of Mandrake? Seeming as most Linuxes have so much in common (Kernel, X11, etc) I can't imagine it posing much of a problem, can you?


Tih8710 06-13-2004 08:44 AM

I suggest doing backups before trying. I mean, I updated only MDK9.2 into 10, and that was NOT a success...

Ph0enix2003 06-14-2004 09:15 AM

Re: Upgrading to Mandrake 10 from Slackware 8?

Originally posted by spaaarky21
can you?


mipia 06-14-2004 07:38 PM

i had a similar problem a while back, but it was going from mandrake 7 to slackware 9 LOL.
I soon learned that putting my /home dir on a seperate partition gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling when reinstalling or switching something.
Otherwise, back up in some way shape or form. If you dont have a cd burner, find some one who could borrow you some space on a server and ssh your way to "backup beforemat bliss"
(sorry, little phrase a friend and I threw around back in our tech-support days, damn winME users...)

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