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clericvash 09-22-2004 05:29 PM

I have mandrake 9.2, can i upgrade to 10 without downloading iso's?

otish1000c 09-23-2004 06:10 AM

you could do that, & it SHOULD work with minimal problems, but..........

since this was a major version number release (9.x to 10.x) you might run into library probelms with some apps. it's usually recommended to do a fresh install (preserving /home if you want) with major version number changes.

if you're trying to avoid downloading the ISO's due to limited internet access (IE: slow dial up) then it's still gonna take forever because you will be pulling all the packages from an ftp site.

NOTE: before doing any type of major upgrade, it's always advised that you make backups of anything that you don't want to lose.

if you still want to attempt it, go to Easy URPMI & set up a "main" & "contrib" source (if you don't have them already..........if you do have them already, then proceed to next step.) you need to add sources in terminal as root.

.......remove all other sources (CD's, Cooker, PLF, Jpackage, etc.). the easiest way to do this is in terminal as root type the following command........... urpmi.removemedia -a (hit enter). that will delete all of your sources. then get the above Easy URPMI sources. (if you already had those sources, after removing your other sources do........ urpmi.update -a (hit enter) to update them.)

now, you have "main" & contrib" set up, all other sources are gone. we need to kill X before you start the upgrade. in terminal as root, type........... init 3 (hit enter). that will kill X & drop you at a command prompt. login & su to root.

now, for the grand finale. you need to activate internet access. do that with whatever command you use for your type of service. (IE: adsl= adsl-start, etc.) (to eliminate this step, don't disconnect from the internet when you do the init 3 step from above. that will only kill X, but leave your internet access active.) and finally, issue the following command........ urpmi --auto-select (hit enter). sit back & watch & wait. if all goes well, it should find all packges that need upgrading from your 2 sources, along with all dependencies. when it's finished, cross your fingers, hold your breath, & type........... reboot (hit enter).

good luck........


barrys 09-23-2004 08:42 AM

If you can get a copy of the dvd on Linux format magazine on May 2004 this is a good way to upgrade as it has a bootable dvd for man10.0.

10 the dvd's are installed on the deskttop on the installation and are almost trouble free.

A fresh install will be better though as the kernal is upgraded to 2.6, otherwise it will default to keep your old programs.

You can save in home and do a fresh install, but at the discwizard do not format the home.

It might be that the next edition will have the 10.1 on dvd so watch out for that as a better bet.

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