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so noob 06-18-2004 04:30 AM

tried to install nforce 2 audio but no avail
I am having real trouble getting hte nForce2 elements of my MB to work. Namely the sound and ethernet. As far as i am aware i have installed the drivers from the nvidia website but still get the following:


Sound server informational message:
Error while initializing the sound driver:
device: default can't be opened for playback (No such file or directory)

Using harddrake to get system info I get the following:

Nforce2 Audio Codec Interface

Vendor: \x{200E}Nvidia Corporation

Alternative drivers: \x{200E}ali5455:i810_audio:nvaudio

Bus: \x{200E}PCI

Bus identification: \x{200E}10de:6a:147b:1c00

Location on the bus: \x{200E}0:6:0

Description: \x{200E}nForce2 Audio Codec Interface

Module: \x{200E}snd-intel8x0

Media class: \x{200E}MULTIMEDIA_AUDIO

nForce2 APU

Vendor: \x{200E}Nvidia Corporation

Bus: \x{200E}PCI

Bus identification: \x{200E}10de:6b:147b:1c00

Location on the bus: \x{200E}0:5:0

Description: \x{200E}nForce2 APU

Module: \x{200E}unknown

Media class: \x{200E}MULTIMEDIA_AUDIO

I am new to Linux still, so if you can help me, please do so in noob language! LOL

On a side note, I managed to install my Nvidia GF4 drivers, and although X runs fine, I have to rebuild the kernal on subsequant reboots cause i get the message that no useable screen configuations are avilable. Why do i need to keep recomiling the kernal?

On a side side issue(!) I orignally installed Linux with the intention of benchmarking UT2004 against XP. I am amazed at how much faster UT2004 loads and exits on Mandrake 10, is that what others have experienced?


otish1000c 06-18-2004 05:57 AM

yikes! nvidia again............ :eek:

ok. you shouldn't have to recompile the kernel every time for nvidia video drivers to work. go to This Thread & look at my post for installing the nvidia drivers. follow the instructions exactly. make sure you first have the kernel source installed that matches your running kernel.

as for the audio problems..........

first make sure your sound isn't simply muted. go to kicker->multimedia->sound & run aumix. unmute what might be muted (like line in/out, speakers, etc.) & adjust sound levels. save your changes. also in multimedia->sound you can use kmix to set KDE specific sound settings. but do the aumix first because they are system wide settings & will override kmix settings. if you don't have either of those showing in your menu, see further down below on how to install them.

what sound server are you using? Alsa or OSS? if it's OSS, try Alsa & vice versa. if your using KDE, the easiest way to change sound settings is going to kicker->configuration->configure your desktop->sound & check the second tab to see which sound system you're using as default. if it says "auto" try changing it to OSS &/or Alsa & test things. if it wasn't set to "auto" to begin with, try that after testing the oss & alsa. your may need to reboot for changes to take effect, or at least restart KDE.

you might also want to check if you have all the Alsa utilities installed. (this applies to kmix stuff too. just substitute kmix for alsa in the search field) open Mandrake Control Center->software installer-> & type alsa in the search box. if it shows alsa stuff on your cd's that can be installed, install them. also in MCC, you can try different sound drivers in the hardware->sound section. again, a restart or reboot may be needed.


so noob 06-18-2004 06:05 AM

chers ottis, i wil ltry those things out when i get home from work. If my sound was muted, would that result in

Error while initializing the sound driver:
device: default can't be opened for playback (No such file or directory)


otish1000c 06-18-2004 06:09 AM

that error leads me to believe it's either the wrong sound server (oss vs. alsa), it's trying to use one of those but the one it's trying to use isn't installed, or your sound card driver is wrong.

start with the mixer settings first just to eliminate that possibility. then proceed on with other trouble shooting advice. save changing sound card drivers for last.


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