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Konig 01-06-2004 01:13 AM

System locks up when installing
I'm a complete newbie to linux, and I'm downloading mandrake for my school laptop. I have a boot CD and it works fine untill I need to choose my mouse. I just choose the mouse, click next, and then the system locks up when it starts "Installing driver for bus/firewire card Texas Instruments (and then a bunch of digits and and letters after that)"

What's wrong? Should I make another disc? Should I re-download the iso image?

pzatch 01-06-2004 01:57 AM

Did you run an Md5sum checking program on the download and check it against the md5sum from the download mirror?
Make sure any plug and play options are turned OFF in the bios and make sure all extra external stuff is unplugged, like anything firewire or usb.

Konig 01-06-2004 01:59 AM

I'm using a laptop, so could the cause be the fact that I have a wireless internet card in it?

Nvm, I just tried taking it out, same thing. I don't even know what a bus or firewire is. I'm a complete linux newbie. I think it may be just for the fact that I'm using it on a laptop. I'll try a desktop.

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