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dukeinlondon 01-21-2004 08:10 AM

system freeze when using mozilla
I'm experiencing reproducible system (as in the whole shebang) freeze when using mozilla 1.5.

It happens 90% of the times I open the page.

I have a geforce2 nvidia GPU and incriminated the driver but I tested using the nv driver and it happens as well !

Does anyone experience anything similar ? I've found thread about freezing but that seem to be the application, not the whole system.

whansard 01-21-2004 08:38 AM

if you're sure the whole system is frozen, and not just mozilla
taking up 99.9% of the cpu, and you can't get out to a
terminal, control-alt-f2. then it's almost surely those screwy
nvidia X servers. a new server may fix it, or you may never
figure it out.

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