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Mhowlett 10-09-2004 11:59 PM

Sympatico set-up using Mandrake 9.0 or Red Hat
hey anyone,
I was just wondering if somebody could step me through how to set up Bell sympatico high speed on one of those two versions on Linux. I rarely use linux but I'm kinda getting fed up with the shit that my windows computer is getting. So If u could help me out thatd be great.

Gary987 10-14-2004 10:05 PM

It's been awhile since I used Mandrake

If you look in the drakeconf

You should see something for setting up your internect connection...

You are going to be doing a PPP connection..
You should be able to do it out of the box..

just enter your username and password. where it shows and Mandrake should do the rest for you..

Failing that.....

try typing in konsole:


and enter your username

interface :

eth0 (hopefully, cuz usb defeats the purpose of highspeed)

Demand value:

no (you're paying big $$ so why not have it always on)






Have fun,


Mhowlett 10-24-2004 01:16 AM

Hey thanks alot, it works since I'm using it right now, and it was simpler than I thought... I just didn't want to switch over from Windows to Linux and not have the Internet and therefore not even be able to ask how to set it up seeing as none of my friends use Linux. But yeah, thanks again, Mike

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