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itz2000 08-12-2006 04:52 AM

Switching keyboard layout - Mandriva2006 - K.D.E. Windows Layout!
I've messed too much with this, till I gave up.

How can I change the layout of Keyboard, to be like windows (stuff like this :
CTRL+C = Copy
CTRL+V = Paste
ALT+SHIFT = Changes language!!

I've tried to mess with every, every, every preferences in the menu, but I couldn't have done it fixed without reinstalling and choosing the Windows Keyboard.
I don't want to reinstall to do so, so please help me!

Guide me step after step if possible.

noranthon 08-12-2006 07:56 AM

In KDE, the Menu trail is System >Configuration >Kde >Accessibility >Keyboard Shortcuts.

itz2000 08-12-2006 08:17 AM

Thanks dude!
I've tried it before but I guess I've thought more about using the other options there...

Though, I couldn't have switched languages to ALT+SHIFT (It requires me somehow of using another key = K, or SPace... )


noranthon 08-13-2006 06:43 PM

The closest I can get is a shortcut which calls the dialogue to change languages. You need to assign the shortcut to System >Configuration >Kde >Accessibility >Country - Region and Language.

I could not get Alt+Shift accepted but I was able to use Alt+Shift+L.

EDIT: Use the second tab ("Command Shortcuts") in the keyboard shortcuts dialogue

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