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Trio3b 12-26-2005 02:29 PM

squid and dansguardian on MDK 10.2
Have read the docs at squid, sourceforge and DG, but they don't reflect what I have in my configuration files. I have not altered these files since installing them.
For example, squid is not installed into /usr as indicated by docs. Also, squid must be altered to allow users by uncommenting, but my file has everything commented/uncommented differently than I am used to so it (docs) are of no value.

Is this peculiar to MDK?

Any help out there?

tkedwards 12-27-2005 05:20 PM

All major distros follow the FHS ( when they do their packaging. This means they change the installation prefix for the installation from /usr/local to /usr and ensure that things like binaries and configuration files don't go into wacky and inconsistent locations. In short your squid config files will be in /etc/squid/ on any major Linux distro even if the squid people have them default to somewhere in /usr.

They wouldn't have made any changes to the config file though - its normal to have a 2500 line config file for squid (:eek:) with almost everything commented. The only changes Mandriva might have made is if you run the internet sharing wizard after you installed it as that sets squid up as a transparent proxy.

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