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SpikeNine 05-10-2007 09:53 AM

Spring 2007 Sound Recorder problem.

I recently installed Mandrive Spring 2007 and all the multimedia apps seem to work fine except for SoundRecorder. Regardless of which device I select to record from when I click Record the following two error messages appear:

Selected clock cannot be used in pipeline.


Could not get/set settings from/on resource.

Would some please provide some guidance on how to resolve this issue? Thank you.

Best regards,


Edited to add:

When running gnome-sound-recorder from a terminal the following warning messages appear:

** (gnome-help:7637): WARNING **: AT_SPI_REGISTRY was not started at session startup.

** (gnome-help:7637): WARNING **: IOR not set.

** (gnome-help:7637): WARNING **: Could not locate registry

(gnome-help:7637): Yelp-WARNING **: Could not locate section man for

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