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Sheerat 09-04-2004 06:16 AM

some newbie questions
I installed Linux Mandrake 10.0 lately, and there are some problems...
1. (I know it sounds stupid:) How can I access other (Windows) computers in the network (i had SuSE once, it was much easier there)?
2. Where can I update the Apache webserver (especially PHP)?
3. I tried to configure the Samba Server in the Control Center via the wizard, but I have some problems when entering the read and write lists. But whatever I say (something like "root,fred,@users,@wheel"), the wizard never accepts it.
I'd be happy if you could help me with some of these probelms... :newbie:

Boudewijn 09-04-2004 07:34 AM


1: do you mean access the data and printers on them?

If so, use samba (type in the console as root: rpmdrake and install samba client) . Install smb4k or LinNeighbourhood too.
When you go then to internet-->file sharing --> smb4k (that's the most graphical impressiv one ;) ) you should see al the workgroups and yuo should be able to see different shares. After you've selected a share, you can mount it under ~/smb4k/HOST/SHARE.

I hope I've answered your question

2: maybe you can try typing as root in the console 'MandrakeUpdate' ; you can also download the new RPM by using urpmi....

3: There is some excellent documentation at --> read it please. It should really help you in configuring your server and client.

Sheerat 09-04-2004 08:39 AM

1. Thanks to your instructions, I got the Samba client running, and now it works!
2. I did as you told me to do, but in the list of the updates, there was no update for PHP.
3. I haven't read the documentation yet, but thanks anyway. :)

Boudewijn 09-04-2004 03:53 PM

Well, you can also look at and whether THEY have updates for their products....

Sheerat 09-05-2004 05:42 AM


Originally posted by Boudewijn
Well, you can also look at and whether THEY have updates for their products....
I know that there are the latest updates, the problem is that I don't know how to install them...

Boudewijn 09-05-2004 06:20 AM

Well, I consider it as usefull if you would tell me the following things:

1: what did I do?
2: What did go wrong?
3:What do I NOT understand?

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