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dad 10-19-2009 02:02 PM

SMplayer, Dragon, Movie Player and Mplayer won't play on 2009.1

Well it looks like my dvd player issues is actually something else. I could see the players making attempts to find the dvd and I thought that was the problem. I installed mplayer and ran it from a terminal window and got this, which looks like a video issue? Anyone seen this?

I tried to post the results from the terminal window but I got an error about posting 8 images, 6 is the limit, however I had no images.

so has anyone had a similar problem, nvida 8400 I think is my video card. I installed loads of updates for the card the other day.

thanks :)

rolf 10-20-2009 01:32 AM

There are some packages in PLF that help with playing certain media.


as one possibility.


[rolf@localhost ~]$ rpm -q libdvdcss2
[rolf@localhost ~]$ rpm -q win32-codecs

Otherwise, it might help to type or paste at least part of the terminal messages.

dad 10-20-2009 02:41 PM

After much fooling around and a dent on my forehead, it came down to updates!!!!!!
I though for a while that I was missing a 64 bit version of libdvdcss.
Then this morning a update window pops up and I install another load of updates. later I rebooted because I had thum drive/trash can issues with a big file, I restarted the computer. Then for some reason I just tried again and the dvd played.
I had the same issue with the video crashing after about 10 seconds into the desktop being up, truned out just updates. I wish they would all come at once.


ernie 10-21-2009 04:44 AM

You probably already know this, but what follows may be useful to others new to Linux. Each Open Source software application or utility included with your Linux distribution is developed by its own team, then additional work may be done by the distribution team (e.g.: Mandriva). The good thing about Open Source Software, is that security and bug fixes are released as quickly as possible after issues are discovered, and patches are developed. This means that fixes will not come all at the same time. This also means that the time between when a bug or security issue is discovered, and a fix is made available to the user community can normally be measured in days or weeks rather than weeks or months as with those proprietary operating systems.


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