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alexmurray 11-22-2003 10:02 PM

SMP kernel not installed during upgrade
Just upgraded my kernel (from 2.4.22-10 to 2.4.22-21 using mandrake control centre), but it didn't install the smp kernel (I have a p4 with hyperthreading enabled) - only the standard 2.4.22-21 kernel was installed..
So I am wondering is the performance better with ht & smp kernel compared to ht with no smp kernel?
Also can I get rpmdrake / mandrake update to install the smp kernel?
As a side issue - do I need to now reinstall my nvidia and winmodem drivers and get the 2.4.22-21 source?

alexmurray 11-23-2003 07:19 PM


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