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equinox 10-19-2004 12:54 PM

slmodem (smartlink) doh!!
any other club members got these working correctly on 10.1 community?

once i got kppp, slmodem and the slmodem-kernel installed, i have to reboot and run:


$ /etc/init.d/slmodem start
that way the modem works, but on bootup alsa screws up and cannot load my snd-intel8x0, before installing the modem stuff alsa was 100% ok...

ok i suppose i can into MCC and set the slmodem to start at boot but then alsa is still screwed up.

please help me!

by the way im reffering to a smartlink modem :/

opjose 10-19-2004 06:41 PM

Not sure about the sound issue but you probably want to get to a root prompt and type

chkconfig --add slmodem

(isn't it slmodemd, not slmodem?)

Reboot and then try to deal with the sound problem.

I noticed that there is an alsa patch included with this driver. You may have to patch the kernel with it.

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