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Wik 07-08-2004 01:07 PM

Setup freezes very early on
I downloaded the Mandrake 10 iso's and burned them on to a cd. I have a thinkpad i series laptop. Whenever I boot from the CD the "press enter to install or upgrade" box comes up, I press enter. A black screen then comes up with a blue bar on the bottom telling me that i can go to the kernal messages and see the logs. It does nothing after that stage. It doesn't register keypresses or anything. if I quickly change to the log right before it freezes the following is present:

PCMCIA: Probing PCI bus...
    02 Micro 6812 found, 2 sockets (drover yenta_socket).
have to insmod pcmcia_core
needs pcmcia_core
    succeeded pcmcia_core
have to insmod yenta_aocket
needs yenta_socket
    succeeded yenta_socket
have to insmod ds
needs ds
    succeeded ds
CM: cardmgr/hacked starting, version is 3.1.29
CM: watching 1 sockets
CM: warning, Card Services release does not match kernel (generally harmless)
cardmgr rc: 0
PCI: device 10b9 5237 ffff ffff is "", driver is usb-ohci
have to insmod ohci-hcd
needs usbcore
needs ohci-hcd

Then it freezes

I don't know what to do! I have no PCMCIA devices plugged in and no oter usb things plugged in. I do have usb and pc slots though which seems like it might be the problem

All help would be greatly appreciated

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