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jht2k 08-09-2004 07:04 AM

Recompiling KDE with window shadow support

As a learning exercise (and because i get excited about graphical niceties), I'm in the process of trying to recompile parts of KDE on Mandrake 10.0 to get window shadows. I'm using the KWin drop shadow patch at KDELook (I'm not able to post a link until I've made five posts on this board) to achieve this.

So far I'm not having much luck and would be grateful if somebody could guide me in the right direction. The documentation for the above patch can be summed up as "Apply the patch files to kdebase and kdelibs, and recompile KDE". I've been trying to apply this to Mandrake - here's what I've done so far:

1) Downloaded kdebase-3.2-79mdk.src.rpm and kdelibs-3.2-36mdk.src.rpm from Sunsite, my local mirror.

2) Downloaded the drop shadow patches from KDELook.

3) Installed the source rpms as root, using 'rpm -Uvh <rpmname>'. This installs the source rpms in /usr/src/RPMS/SOURCES/. The rpms appear to have installed a load of .bz2 files, so i unzip these using 'bunzip2 *.bz2'

4) What I have now is a load of .patch files in addition to a .tar file for kdelibs and kdebase. I decompress the tar files using 'tar -xvf <tarname>'. This extracts the actual sources for kdebase and kdelibs into directories called kdebase-3.2 and kdelibs-3.2 respectively.

5) I'm guessing that the abovementioned directories are generic source installs of kdebase and kdelibs, and the .patch files are Mandrake's custom patches to these source installs. Some of the patch files don't seem relevant to this version of kdelibs and kdebase - they're marked 3.1, 2.2 etc. This seems to be confirmed by attempting to apply these patches using 'patch -p0 <(patchname)' - patch can't find either the directory or the parts of the file it's attempting to patch.

6) Some of the patches are marked 3.2 - given that this matches my version of KDE I'm guessing these are the ones I need to install. However, even though some of these patches install, others are looking for directories other than kdebase-3.2 or kdelibs-3.2 (for example kdebase-3.1.8).

7) Having applied all Mandrake's patches, I move onto the window shadow patches using the supplied instructions. One of the patches installs fine - the other is unable to find the code it needs to change.

8) Having applied (or attempted to apply) all patches, I now attempt to find somewhere to compile both kdelibs and kdebase. Reading the INSTALL instructions suggests the use of ./configure as usual, but this script isn't present. It also says that using with Autoconf may be used to create the configure script, but my first guess of 'autoconf' seems to go awry, presenting a load of error messages telling me to report bugs in Autoconf.

It seems I'm definitely going down the wrong route quite badly here. If anybody could tell me at which points I'm going wrong, I'd be most grateful.



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