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gw1500se 07-01-2007 09:56 AM

proftpd does not recognize anonymous login
I am trying to set up proftpd to accept anonymous logins. However, it appears to me that when user 'anonymous' is entered, it treats it like any other user and tries to verify the password with the user database. Here is the anonymous config:

<Anonymous /mnt/dap003/FTP-Root>
  User ftp
  Group ftp
  UserAlias anonymous ftp
  MaxClients 2
  <Limit WRITE>
      Deny all
  <Directory Uploads>
      <Limit STOR MKD>
        Allow all

Is there something else I need to turn on somewhere or is there something I messed in the congig? TIA.

Thuni 07-01-2007 12:58 PM


on my slackware box there is a file:


# ftpusers This file describes the names of the users that may
# _*NOT*_ log into the system via the FTP server.
# This usually includes "root", "uucp", "news" and the
# like, because those users have too much power to be
# allowed to do "just" FTP...
# Version: @(#)/etc/ftpusers 3.00 02/25/2001 volkerdi
# Original Author: Fred N. van Kempen, <>
# The entire line gets matched, so no comments or extra characters on
# lines containing a username.
# To enable anonymous FTP, remove the "ftp" user:
# ftp
# End of ftpusers.
You should check if there is something similiar on your system. (i got a lot of results after entering: /etc/ftpusers and mandriva in google, so there must be something like that)

Remove or "#"-out the ftp user, proftpd makes an alias for ftp -- anonymous as i saw it in your config, so they are the same.

It might still ask you for a password, but whatever you enter you should get in.


gw1500se 07-01-2007 01:26 PM

Thanks for the reply but that was not it. However, I did manage to move 1 step closer. I am now albe to log in as anonymous but get the error: "Unable to set anonymous privileges." That is an issue with my FTP root that I should be able to figure out.

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