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nonsense28sal 07-10-2005 06:37 PM

Problems Installing Mandriva Via Home Nsf Server (or ftp)
Greetings all.

I have a laptop that does not have a CD/DVD ROM drive. I have downloaded the 6 CD installation of Mandriva LE 2005 Club Edition. There is not a DVD download available of the Club edition and Club is not available via the public FTP servers. I have setup my SuSE 9.3 machine as an NSF server. Yet, I am running into a problem. I copied the first CD as well as the other CDs into the directory in which is shared out. I put the first CD directly into the directory and then I made directory “disk2”, “disk 3” etc, for the other CDs within the install directory. I can get the install program of Mandriva to initialize without a problem. Yet after the first couple of screens I get a prompt that asks if I want to mount any other media, since I will also need disks 2 – 6. I have the options of a CD, http, ftp or none. I do not have the option of NSF at this stage. My question is how do I get the Mandriva installation to realize all the disks are copied into the installation directory? I also tried to setup pure-ftpd. I somewhat got that to work. I can ftp into the directory and sign into my account from another machine and see my files, but I could not get the Mandriva install program to recognize the ftp installation. I really did not want to set up an anonymous ftp for security reasons. I would prefer to stay with the NSF installation.

Any guidance would be appreciated!


nonsense28sal 07-11-2005 03:23 PM

Own Problem Fixed
This was a real "duh!" moment for me. I had everything set up correctly, except for placing all of the RPMs into the original "media" directory. All I had to do was copy the RPMs off of CD 2 - 6 into the "media" directory that I copied from Disk1 onto my server. When I ran the install program it still asked if I wanted to mount disk 2 - 6. I chose "none" and then proceeded with the installation. I tried it with FTP as well as NSF, just to be sure. Everything is working fine now. If someone needs a hint on how to set up pure-ftpd (an FTP server) I used these instructions. I wanted to post my results, so someone else would not have to put any effort into answering it.

Good luck to all.

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