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SAFX 10-19-2004 06:13 AM

Problems compiling: Can't find X includes...
I downloaded a KDE package from and I can't seem to get past a certain point in the compilation where I get this error...

checking for X: error: Can't find X includes. Please check your installation and add the correct paths.

I actually got many errors before this one, but I managed to decipher the error messages and install the missing packages on my system, but I can't see to find the X include files with Mandrake Update.

The compiler complains about the following includes that it can't find...

#include <CoreAudio/CoreAudio.h>
#include <crt_externs.h>
#include <X11/Intrinisic.h>

I'm trying to figure out if I already have this includes and perhaps I did not set up the path correctly, or if I need to get them and in what package they reside. I have Mandrake 10.1 CE x86.



otish1000c 10-19-2004 06:28 AM

you are probably missing X devel packages.

it's usually in /usr/include/X11.....or.......... /usr/X11/include.......or......./usr/X11r6/include. If you don't have them you need to install the X devel packages. the developement packages neccessary to compile certain apps. check in MCC->software->install & search for any Xorg (or XFree, if that's what you're using) devel packages & install them, then the app should compile/install fine. the pacakages will look something like.......... XFree86-devel-4.3-5mdk.i586.rpm or XOrg-devel-4.3-5mdk.i586.rpm (version numbers will fiffer, depending on your install).


SAFX 10-19-2004 06:01 PM

Thanks! I downloaded the Xorg package and managed to get past that error.

But now, I am getting this error, and after searching my package database, I can't figure out which package to install, or maybe it's just a configuration issue...

checking for KDE...configure error:
in the prefix, you've chosen, are no KDE headers installed. This will fail.
So, check this please and use another prefix.

I am using the following command to launch the configure file...

./configure --prefix="'kde-config --prefix'"


otish1000c 10-19-2004 06:28 PM

try using one of the following prefixes...........

./configure --prefix=/usr

if that don't work.............

./configure --prefix=/usr/share

if that don't work............

./configure --prefix=/usr/share/apps

if none of those work (the first one should in most cases, though), then you may be missing KDE devel packages. you need the proper -devel packages to compile things for KDE in Mandrake. which ones, it's tough to say, sorry. does any of the output give you a specific error? like "error: missing required <name of app>-lib-devel-blah,blah,blah? if not, my only suggestion is use MCC->software installer & get all the KDE -devel packages available, then try again.


SAFX 10-19-2004 06:57 PM

Unfortunately, the log file does not mention the package that is missing, but this is the last thing the log prints before it craps out.

configure:27561: checking for KDE
configure: 27617: /usr/include/ksharedptr.h
configure: 27617: /usr/lib/kde/include/ksharedptr.h
configure: 27617: /usr/local/kde/include/ksharedptr.h
configure: 27617: /usr/local/include/ksharedptr.h
configure: 27617: /usr/kde/include/ksharedptr.h
configure: 27617: /usr/include/kde/ksharedptr.h
configure: 27617: /usr/include/ksharedptr.h
configure: 27617: /opt/kde3/include/ksharedptr.h
configure: 27617: /opt/kde/include/ksharedptr.h
configure: 27617: /usr/X11R6/include/ksharedptr.h
configure: 27617: /usr/lib/qt3//include/ksharedptr.h
configure:27628: error:
in the prefix, you've chosen, are no KDE headers installed. This will fail.
So, check this please and use another prefix!

I searched all package headers in RpmDrake for "devel", but I did not find anything with "KDE" in the file name.

Thanks for the help, I'm learning a lot ;)


opjose 10-19-2004 08:24 PM

Which program are you trying to compile?

opjose 10-19-2004 08:27 PM

Also rpmdrake does not pull from the repositories.


urmi kde-devel

instead if you have set up your system as per

SAFX 10-19-2004 09:17 PM

After running that command, there is no package with kde-devel in the name.

I'm trying to compile this KDE theme...

Kwin Active Heart

My package sources are up-to-date, or at least I think they are. My disto is Mandrake 10.1 CE. I also configured my RPM media sources from These are all the sources I currently have configured:

Installation CD 1
Installation CD 2
Installation CD 3

Should I update the mirrors for the sources and then update the availabel package headers? I just updated the packaged without changing the mirrors and I still cant find ked-devel.


opjose 10-19-2004 09:57 PM

Heh, I had so much trouble with this theme that I ended up finding the source rpm for it and compiling it in mandrake.

e.g. I downloaded


from either the cooker or devel and then compiled them both with

rpm --rebuild kwin-style-activeheart-1-1-2mdk.src.rpm
rpm --rebuild kde-style-activeheart-1-1-2mdk.src.rpm

I'm not exactly sure where I found the src.rpm files.

Also you need

urpmi QtPixmap

SAFX 10-19-2004 10:21 PM

Screw it. I'm giving up on this theme. I can't even watch the damn Yankee game because my head is glued to my monitor trying to figure this out. :-)

Anyway, do you think my media sources are configured properly as I mentioned in my last post? Also, a source .rpm is the same thing that you get when you install using urpmi -a package, right?


opjose 10-19-2004 10:36 PM


urpmi installs precompiled binaries

a SOURCE rpm (such as those I listed) is an RPM package which contains an uncompiled version of the program already Mandakified.

However it must first be compiled prior to installation using the commands I indicated.

One advantage of this is that often you can grab a source RPM and compile it with the libs installed on your system as opposed to those used in the original compilation.

So if you have upgraded say the QtPixmap libs the recompilation may make an errant program work with the upgrade version. However this is not hard and fast.

SAFX 10-19-2004 10:59 PM

OK, I got ya. Where does one typically obtain source rpm's? Do mirrors exist for them?


opjose 10-19-2004 11:04 PM

Did you notice that when you set up the urpmi sources these were merely FTP sites?

If you go to those FTP sites using either an FTP client or browser you'll find that they also (usually) have everything in .src.rpm format as well, and for other Mandrake versions and distros.

I've often grabbed an updated mdk.src.rpm and recompiled it on my system to upgrade a specific program this way.

SAFX 10-19-2004 11:08 PM

Sh$t, I totally forgot about that. yeah, I remember seeing them while browsing a FTP site.

Cool man, thanks.


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