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RobertoBech 12-17-2003 07:09 AM

Problem after installing nvidia driver
I've just installed the nvidia driver for my geforce fx5200.

Everything is working fine, my games are running well... however, sometimes, when i reboot my PC, or when I try to turn it off, a very strange screen appears... it's a black and white screen, and sadly I can't take a screenshot, since I have to hit reset after that.

This screen shows something that looks like a terminal shell, however with really big fonts, and then the screen gets crazy and I can't understand a thing... any ideas?

jolphil 12-17-2003 07:51 AM

Hi Roberto,
I use the FX5600 and it works perfectly..If I were you I would first get the specs of my Monitor, Horizontal and vertical freqhency range are the most important..Then, the amount of memory your graphics card has..Go to Drake and see if you can configure first the monitor and or the graphics card..
That is the best I can offer at this time..Maybe someone else has a better solution..I use the 1024x760 resolution at a 16 bit depth...
Good Luck

courtrrb 12-17-2003 08:58 AM

Check out this link for the fix.

RobertoBech 12-17-2003 11:50 AM

Thanks for your suggestion, Jolphill.


Originally posted by courtrrb
Check out this link for the fix.
Hmmm... thanks for the link, Courtrrb. This is probably going to work. I'll try it tonight and post the results here, thanks.

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