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nat2k4us 08-18-2004 11:46 AM

Print to Printer con to Mandk from WinXP
I configured mandrake to use my EpsonStylusC82 and used samba and LinNeighbourhood to set up a LAN network between WinXP and Mandrake.

I can see the windows workgroup from mandrake and mandrake workgroup from windows.

I configured the printer directly connected to the mandrake PC to be a shared printer. But when I browse for printers in the WinXP PC it does not show up in the
Printers of mandrake. Also there is no visual indication on folders or printers to show that it is shared like in windows. But if I check the properties it does show that it is shared.

I setup my network using the guide at Tweakhound: Mandrake and XP networking

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