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hari_seldon99 08-26-2004 02:20 PM

Preparing Linux in a mobile Hard Drive
Regarding the article published at the mandrake website:

I have an old IBM Travelstar which I put in an external casing with an IDE-USB adapter. I was wondering if anybody knows if Mandrakehas GPL"ed Globetrotter and where to find it (STFW'ing search gives no hits). I had previously tried to install knoppix using this HOWTO:

but the GRUB bootsector merely displays 'grub' hangs and the alternate bootsector seems corrupted (displays a bunch of control characters and hangs).

Anyhow, basically I should be able to install the regular Mandrake 10.0 in the HDD without problems, it's just that the kernel will panic if I connect the HDD to a different computer. I need those great automatic hardware detection & configuration scripts and the special kernel of either knoppix or Mandrake Globetrotter, so any ideas?

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