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Jzarecta 06-30-2006 12:40 PM

Power Failure recovery system under UFS
I had a big storm last night that create a power failure when my Linux system was running. When I start the computer it tried to do a system recovery using e2fsck however my root partition is a UFS filesystem so that means that is either a jfs or xfs. i want to know how can I get the stystem to check wtih the proper tool or at least get some system check tools.

I read that xfs_repair might help but I dont know if i should put something before hand or if this the right command.


MensaWater 06-30-2006 01:40 PM

The "-t" flag of fsck lets you specify filesystem type. ("man fsck" for more details of this command's usage.

I didn't understand your comment about ufs being jfs of xfs. Ufs = Unix File System which was the old unjournaled filesystem you got on Solaris (and on HP renamed as hfs). JFS = Journaled File System and the only time I've seen that is on HP as that is what they call VxFS (Veritas Filesystem which is a journaled filesystem). VxFS is also on Solaris and other platforms.

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