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lhoff 02-28-2004 09:23 PM

Postfix + Procmail delivery issues
My users need to receive mail into ~/INBOX, where they have any number of maildir files within the ~/INBOX directory. (Procmail sorts incoming mail to the various maildirs...) Right now, Postfix hands off the incoming messages to Procmail, which looks for a user .procmailrc file and delivers the message to the maildir given at the end of the recipe: usually $MAILDIR/<someMsgBox>. Procmail is running, but messages still wind up in /var/spool/mail/<user>, according to Postfix's wants.

There is nothing in the system procmailrc file, as recipes are maintained by users in $HOME/.procmailrc

Why is mail not being delivered according to Procmail recipes, if Procmail is running? The only clue I have is a /var/log/mail/errors entry: Suspicious rcfile "/home/usr/.procmailrc" Why suspicious?...

Your thoughts greatly appreciated!

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