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popcorn5714 03-24-2004 03:51 PM

permission to java
permission to /usr/bin/java java permission is root how can I change it
when i type in which java I get /usr/bin /java the executable is root permission how can I change this and then change the path in .bash_profile and make it work with Limewire

bongwater 03-25-2004 11:39 AM

Getting LimeWire to work
To start off, what version of Java are you using, and are you using Sun's, IBM's, Blackdown, or another incantation of the JVM?

I use Blackdown's JVM, but Sun and IBM's version should work fine.

To add the Java path to your .bash_profile, open it with your favorite editor, and you should see a few lines that might look like this:


export PATH

Add the Java path by placing a colon after the /bin and putting in the Java path, which might look something like this:


I had to add the java/bin in order for limewire to find the necessary files to run. Also, " export PATH " must be below the new path line in order for it to work.

To test LimeWire without having to reboot, go to a command line and put the exact same path line that you have in your .bash_profile, hit enter, then type export PATH. Check your path to make sure it is correct by typing:

echo $PATH

If it is correct, then run LimeWire and it should work fine.


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