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Moebius01 11-25-2003 01:37 PM

PEAR will not install
This is a cross post from the Newbie section which I don't usually do, but I've had no replies there, and as this might be distribution specific, I figured I'd bring it here...

Ok, so it seems that the PHP that installs with Mandrake 9.2 doesn't include PEAR, even though the version of PHP installed should. (That or I'm missing something obvious here)

I poked around for how to install, came across instructions to install the pear download manager by running
lynx -source | php
from the command line. I do this as root (assuming it would be needed to install), and sure enough the pear install script launches, prompts for the various directories and packages desired, then appears to run the installation.

All items downloading, bootstrapping, and all show OK, but after the install completes, there is no hint of PEAR anywhere on the system. I looked in the directories specified during install, and there's no hint of the programs (either the pear installer, or pear.php for that matter).

Is there something I'm missing here in the process?

scott_R 11-27-2003 03:07 AM

you can try running 'updatedb' as root, then when it's done (it might take a few minutes, especially on larger disks), you can type 'locate filerelatedtoPEAR' and see if maybe you got your directories mixed up. Other than that, were you root when you installed it? If not, if can appear to install, only to leave nothing there because it doesn't have permission.

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