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jordan0 04-08-2004 02:53 PM

"neighbor table overflow" error on 9.2 network install

I am having two seperate problems during my attempt to install 9.2 on an IBM x20 (no floppy, no cdrom). So far I have been able to use loadlin to boot into an installation kernel and access the first few menus of the installation process. One problem occurs when I try to select Hard Drive as the installation method. i have a seperate thread about that. The other problem occurs when I try to choose NFS, FTP or HTTP as the installation method.
The installer recognizes my NIC and appears to find the proper drivers, etc... but when the dialog comes up that says "Bringing up network..." it quickly dissapears and then the install hangs. switching over to the logs, I see neighbor table overflow errors come up every few seconds continuously. Entering different IP address info and physically re-arranging the network seems to have no effect on the problem... although i dont have a crossover cable to make things really simple.

** EDIT**
The problem occurs even when i have nothing plugged into the ethernet port, so I gather that this error is not related to my actual network.
** EDIT **

I need to solve either this problem OR the hard drive install one so I can get this x20 running again. I am planning on taking it along on a trip im leaving sunday! It will be my only computer for 3 months...

Please share your ideas!



** EDIT **
Forgot to mention that I have a 3COM 10/100 56k combo mini-PCI card [Cyclone]
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