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stcinifeic 05-24-2004 03:13 PM

modversions.h and my sanity!
Hi guys and gals! Greetings to you all!!

My problem is that old chestnut modversions.h. It is pissing me off sooo much!! I have mandrake 10 community edition, and as usual, I am trying to get my broadcom v.92 modem to work. I have found a tutorial for it, and it requires compilation of the source with the kernel source in order to build the mode.

I have installed the kernel source (2.6.3-4) but even though I have done this, modversions.h isn't found! I have checked the CDs for mandrake, and kernel-headers isn't there either.

I was told to do a make config and a make dep after installing my kernel source, which I did, but the make dep said "make dep is unnecessary now!!" How do I get a modversions.h out of my kernel source. Is there a way to generate it from the source? Or is there anywhere I can download the kernel-headers package for 2.6.3-4?

This is driving me mad! Please help meee!! :)

Thanks in advance

rabraham 05-28-2004 05:12 PM

I have the same exact problem as you.

I installed the kernel source code and no modversions.h I

I tried searching on line and saw the same make deps suggestions and got the same lovely obsolete message.

So if anyone has a suggestion for this it would really help I am trying to compile somthing that pulls in that fiile.

There has to be a "GOOD" answer to this as it seems to be a very common problem.

Why does the packaged source code not come with it if a lot of things need it to compile.


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