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rm_-rf_windows 07-07-2007 05:11 AM

Message at boot: "Choose a profile: 'default' or 'default.backup' "
I get the following message when I boot:

"Choose a profile: 'default' or 'default.backup' "

I've Googled it, got only three results.

If I don't choose one of them, it chooses for me (the one that was chosen or used the last time I booted).

Just before this message, the verbose screen goes a little funny. My Mandriva 2007.0 is in French and after the "Choose a profile" thing, I no longer get the proper French characters in the verbose mode (describing the boot process), that is, I get something like "e@" (or something like that!) instead of "". Otherwise, the characters and general workings of the computer under Mandriva are fine, I'm using it right now.

This hasn't been a big problem, but since part of the reason why I've chosen to install several OSs on my boxes was to learn more, I'd like to know what's going on and perhaps learn how I could fix this little problem.

It all started when I tried to install something, to add something to my Kernel. Here are the details on that:

A solution would be cool (to get things back to normal), however, I'd appreciate any hints that might lead me to resolving the problem or that would even get me learning more about the kernel, booting, etc.

Many thanks.

GlennsPref 07-07-2007 08:05 AM

That would be the boot manager wanting from you the kernel to laod at boot.

A kernel upgrade should sort that out for you.

see your other post

cheers, Glenn

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