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Sjonnie48 11-03-2005 06:07 AM

Mdk10.1 official: function keys not working
Hi Folks,

My keyboard is a Logitech iTouch, an optical cordless one.
About a week ago I had to reinstall mdk10.1 entirely.
Immediately after the install my function keys worked properly.
Then I installed the iTouch plugin for Xmms to enable the use of my multimedia keys. and since then my function keys do not function anymore. Before the reinstall I used Amarok, but I prefer Xmms.
Then I removed the plugin package but the F keys did not work.
I have tried several keyboard settings in the Mcc but without success.
Now I'd like to know where to find the configuration file for the keyboard and how to edit it, to get my F keys to function again.

Kind regards,


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