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Dav 06-06-2004 08:40 AM

MDK 10 + GNOME freeze
i was using mandrake 9.2 a while ago with gnome, but it would always kinda freeze up. I could use the menus on the task bar, but all of my desktop icons would disapear.

sooooo i installed fedora cause i like to use gnome, and this worked fine, buuuut i didnt like it very much. When Mandrake 10 came out i thought maybe it wont have this same problem with gnome this time, but it does.

what can i do? i can use KDE fine, but i would really prefer to be using gnome.

oh and plz be kind, i a 100% linux :newbie:

make 06-11-2004 01:52 AM

In Mandrake 10, the line to mount "none" in "/tmp" (/etc/fstab) caused some extra lockups for me. Mandrake gave only about 250MB for the /tmp-folder, which got full quite fast. After removing that line, all the temporary files went straight to the main partition "/", thus giving it gigabytes of space.

I don't see the point why that line is in Mandrake's /etc/fstab, as I've seen no other distribution (Debian/Fedora at least) having it. Can someone enlighten me?

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