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Karloman 10-08-2006 10:18 AM

Mandriva 2007 media.cfg install error
Hi guys,

I don't know much about Linux and only have experience with Ubuntu, but with the new Mandriva 2007 release, I decided to give it a go.

I started off with booting from the DVD trying to install it; At the point where I should set the partitions and so I entered this:

[Windows][Windows][Linux Reiser /][Swap][Reiser /home]

The partitions are big enough, I think, because I chose auto-allocation;

So then it formats the partitions without touching the first two and then I get the error message:

media.cfg missing

Can someone tell me what to do about this?

Thanks in advance,


aus9 10-09-2006 08:25 AM

umm I do not have a 2007 disc but the media_info file sounds like what you are thinking of so

1) can you verify your burn with the md5sum from the relevant mirror eg dca83c834ca8e94e80f2567bf4046390 mandriva-free-2007-DVD.iso

2) if not a match then it was a bad download and nothing to worry about....find a different mirror and try again pls

otherwise I hope someone else helps if burn was good

Karloman 10-09-2006 09:45 AM

thanks for the reply;

I only burned the iso; can someone tell me what to do with the other files?

e.g.: idx, md5.asc, ash1.asc ??

thanks in advance

aus9 10-09-2006 07:53 PM

open a terminal and run
md5sum /pathway/mandriva2007.iso (change the names to where the iso is etc)

compare the output to opening the md5 file which can be opened with a text editor

Karloman 10-11-2006 09:12 AM

hi again,

okay; everything's fine with MD5; and I burned the DVD again (this time verifying the disc afterwards) yet the same error message come popping up everytime the installer should begin: media.cfg not found

wbkelly 11-05-2006 07:02 PM

I had the same problem this morning (many times over) trying to update my 2006 to 2007. media.cfg is on the first CD under i586/media/media_info. My attempts make it through CD 1, but then I get the error when I insert CD2. The CD2 does not have a media.cfg, so I can only assume it is supposed to be written to the HHD. It holds information about the CDs to be used for installation (or something like that). Unfortunately, now my laptop has part of 2007, and won't go to a full linux boot. I can't make a DVD installation since my laptop doesn't have a DVD :-(. Any suggestions will be helpful.

Emmanuel_uk 11-06-2006 01:42 AM


I can't make a DVD installation since my laptop doesn't have a DVD :-(. Any suggestions will be helpful.
This a bit daft a proposal, but in your case I would purchase
for 5$ the mandriva free 2007 cds and see if it works better

koolhandlinc 05-19-2007 08:57 AM

same here
I am really new to Linux! :newbie: I also am attempting to install Mandriva getting same problem as this thread. media.cfg not found.

I have attempted with both security at high level and very high. (I hope to make this a sever) next I am trying normal security level.

I choose auto allocate on partitioning

I have chosen the option to copy cd's to drive before installation. I get "Am error occurred mounting partition /dev/hdb in directory /mnt/mnt/cdrom failed"

koolhandlinc 05-19-2007 09:01 AM

same issue here. I have tried all different methods. can't get it installed.

BTW I am a :newbie: to linux

aus9 05-20-2007 09:15 AM

ok kool....ignore the download as mdv will be updating soon.

why don't you try a live cd....a cd that runs in memory only b4 trying to install if you are new to linux.

I recommend Mepis as per

ernie 05-20-2007 02:09 PM

Any one who wants to try Mandriva Linux but is unable to install with the DVD may get better results with Mandriva One. There are two flavors of Mandriva One for the 2007.1 (Spring) release. One has the KDE desktop environment and the other has the Gnome desktop environment. Each flavor is available for use on either the i586 or the x86_64 platform. You should be able to get the Mandriva One CD image of your choice from the same location from which you downloaded the DVD image (under the /official/iso/2007.1/ directory tree).

Mandriva One is a Live! CD. You can run Mandriva Linux 2007.1 (Spring) from the CD without any need for installation. System performance is notably slower when run from the CD than it is when run from the hard drive, but the Live CD is portable (can be used on nearly any computer with no installation), and you get a chance to confirm that your hardware works correctly with Mandriva Linux.

If you like what you see (other than the reduced system performance) and decide you want to install Mandriva Linux to your hard drive, there is a Live Install icon on the desktop to launch the installer. It will install Mandriva One just as it comes on the CD. Following installation, you can set up Internet Software Media Sources from the Mandriva ftp mirror (the Mandriva Linux Software Package repositories) closest to your global location. I have written an article intended to help those unfamiliar with how to do this on my LQ Blog


koolhandlinc 05-21-2007 02:13 AM

got it loaded
Well, I didn't give up!

wbkelly same exact here! When installing second cd into cd drive I was getting same error. Sooo finally..When given the option to load data from the cd's onto hard drive. I chose to not load any except first disc and the loading process went through to completion!

I have used a few distros from cd already. Not much but a little.

I am such a :newbie: that I am not really sure which way to go. all the distros had a graphical interface. So the text is pretty new to me. Honestly having done nothing but the other operating system. I have been getting confused easily.

I am not going to give up here. I will keep working with different distros and such learning as I go. Currently I am downloading Debian so I can follow the online training course. I do have a fully functional Suse 10.2 machine. least I think its fully functional. (I have 2 of the others operating systems set up next to 2 machines with intent of being able to learn until I get compotent.

Back to Mandriva, I will keep watching and learning until I can get Mandriva running. I am really wanting the RAID Drivers it has for my mainboard. When I begin loading Mandriva it comes up and shows its seeing the RAID hard drive controller. So this is a plus for me with Mandriva!

Thanks for the advice and I will keep watching and learning.

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