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mac_phil 09-28-2003 08:59 PM

Mandrake Sets Hostname Before Getting IP?
I connect to a network via a 10baseT cable. The network uses dhcp. It assigns me a hostname that includes the last few numbers of my IP address.

What I don't get is that when I reboot, one of the first messages is: Setting hostname [old hostname]. Then, many steps later, it brings up eth0 and gets my ip.

Why does it do this? A few times I've gotten the error: unable to resolve hostname. Then X functions extremely poorly and I have to connect to the network manually (if I can connect at all). I'm assuming this is because DHCP tries to give me a new ip# that doesn't match with my old hostname.

Am I missing something? Shouldn't mandrake assign the hostname after it gets the ip #?

mikeb222 09-30-2003 09:41 AM

Host names are recorded locally on each box. IP address is requested from and assigned by the DHCP server.

The following web site has a list of ways to check and/or correct the information on your system.

hope this helps

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