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bencpht 05-29-2004 11:56 PM

mandrake 10 w/ usb keyboard & mouse?
I've downloaded MDK 10 communtiy and tried to install it from the ISO's. MY PC freezes at first screen which asks where to install from. It doesn't actually freeze, but it won't recognize any input from my MS usb keyboard. Then I noticed that my capslock and numlock lights are off, like the keyboard isn't even getting power. My keyboard works fine under MDK 9 and WinXP. USB Keyboard is ENABLED in my bios. I've tried the old purple USB to PS2 adapter, but it still won't get past that screen. This seems to be a known issue with MDK 10, as others are posting questions about this elsewhere. My question is, is this fixed in MDK 10 OFFICIAL?

fyi- usb keyboard & mouse work great under fedora core 2

thanks in advance

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