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Guest1234 05-24-2004 07:58 AM

Mandrake 10 finds no room for installation?!
When I try to install mandrake 10 it tells me that he finds no room for installation however I have 15 giga of unallocated space.
Here are the partitions list in PartitionMagic 8.0:

Partition_Type Size_MB Used_MB Unused_MB Status Pri/Log

C: NTFS 20,002.8 8,598.1 11,404.7 Active Primary
(*) Extended 56,305.9 41,096.9 15,210.0 None Primary
D: NTFS 41,095.9 21,981.6 19,114.4 None Logical
(*) Unallocated 15,210.0 0.0 0.0 None Logical
(*) Unallocated 7.8 0.0 0.0 None Primary

(At first I made a screen cap of PM 8.0 and tried to post it as a link but
since I don't have 5 posts it didn't allow me)

Does anybody know what is the problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Guest1234 05-24-2004 09:15 AM

Here I managed to post the screen cap from PM 8.0 in a code tag


rrsc16954 05-24-2004 02:46 PM

Try allocating the space by creating a linux partition.

Then boot Mandrake and choose 'expert' when you get to partitioning.

Then click on the partition you created and delete it and tell mandrake to use the newly unallocated space.

It will do the rest. It will take seconds.

Guest1234 05-25-2004 02:26 PM

Thanks, I did what you said and I passed the Partitions phase, unfortunately I encoutered another problem.
When I got to the "Install Bootloader" phase I got this error message:

"Installation of bootloader failed. the following error occured:
:Fatal: Unsafe may be used with floppy or MBR only".

Does anybody know what it means and how to fix it?
I didn't run any program called unsafe or anything.

Any addition I didn't have any expert button or something like that.
I also read that some people when they got to the partition phase clicked something like "custom allocation" I didn't had it neither.

Guest1234 05-26-2004 03:41 PM

Does anybody know how to solve the bootloader problem? :confused:

gardavis 06-13-2004 04:08 PM

I just got that Fatal error and there were two entries in the lilo.config file that had the "unsafe" attribute. I deleted those two and the lilo was then able to complete successfully.


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