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agomes 05-24-2004 11:08 AM

Mandrake 10 0fficial smp configuration

After install MDK 10 lilo has several choices smp - p3. smp - i586 and Linux-smp for two processors computers.

I've a 2- P3 700 Asus P2B-DS sys with PCI HDDs 1GB PC100 mem

Choice "Linux" works OK and shows just 1 processor when Control Center looks for material.

1srt atempt -Loging in with smp - P3 option asks for user/psswrd and them keeps waiting with a stopped watch on the default entrance blue screen.

2nd atempt - smp i586 same reactions, but even before asking for login.

Didn't try linux-smp.

Prior 9.1 installation used to work fine with no otpion for 1 or 2 CPUs, and both recongnized.

I recall seeing a post in a forum related to 10 CE with a Intel HT PC relating the same behaviour. I thought it was solved but cann't find any indication on the subject using the search engines. Anyone has any indication or (preferably, of course...) a solution for that.

My expertise with Linux is at newbie level, just in case someone is kind enouhg to give a way for the prob.

Tks a lot

agomes 05-24-2004 11:11 AM

Sorry about initial post mistake
HDDs are IDE obviously

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