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june 10-14-2004 11:01 AM

"localhost login" problems, loading graphical enterface and configuring static ip
Hello !

i have mandrake 10.0 and i have removed the option for loading graphical interface on startup (Xserver).. insted i get
"localhost login :"

i try to enter using my root account & password..but it says incorrect login,i have also tried other accounts i have on that machine and i get same error!i am sure about the root password.. as in "failsafe" i can access to the shell.
what password do i need inorder to login there?

i have tried 2 access graphical interface from "failsafe" then running "kde" or "X" , but i get error..seems something related to X font server .

How can i reenter graphical interface?
i am trying to give that machine static ip : , when i login in failsafe i try 2 type : ifconfig eth0
and it works, but when restarting computer in normal mode the new configuration i have done doesnt apply ...

I have valuable data on that i cant reinstall mandrake ..

I would thank you a lot for your kind help as its importent to me. .

With Regards


june 10-14-2004 08:51 PM

Hello !

thanks for the help :)
i have solved the problem.. but running runlevel 5 wich runs the X11 ,
(at LILO, enter FailSafe) then root password , the type in : tellinit 5

About static ip.. i still didnt find how to do it , i know only the command :
ifconfig (eth number) (ip address ) , at my case its : ifconfig eth0

best regards


barrys 10-15-2004 02:46 PM

Surely it's your ip provider that makes your ip address static.

If you want to know what it is when you are connected open a terminal and type

type route will also show your gateway

if your behind a router you'll have to go to it's setup screen to see your global ip address which shouldn''t change
if you switch off and on the router then you know it's a static ip.

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