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eculbert 10-02-2003 01:25 PM

Kppp Where?

All I have been able to find is the drake tool for networking setup. No Kppp icon that I can find. Which disk is it on. Had a problem with the second disk iso, think I resolved that tho as it now checks out okay.

What happens is I go thru the config thing and it attempts to dialin .. dialup phone line only. (iso's d/l'd on a friends cable modem, burned to cd's.) But the connection seems to time out before completing. Slow isp to connect to..needs about 50-80 seconds of handshaking time.

This only dials in the first time I am up after install..Next boot, nothing, silent modem

ttys1 reset to ttys0, I then reset to s1 but doesn't hold it!! nor dial at all, just silence. No errors popup.

Also the 'domain name' just below the password.. can that be alphabetic such as or does it need to be an ip number?

I can only connect with windows successfully.

External modem on com2...ttys1

"find files/directories" doesn't find kppp or should it?

The very first attempt after installation (which I have done several times) results in connection completed for about ten seconds, then it disconnets and refuses to get that far. After a reboot, won't even dial even IF I reset the ttys0 to ttys1.

The install seems smooth, md5's check out with zero errors. The last reburn I did at 2x to make sure that the burner would burn properly.. this seemed better as the second cd checked out this time.

Out of curiosity, would I be better with one stick of memory instead of two? or does it not matter. Also, can a pc100 machine accept pc133 as that is more available now? Or would I be asking for trouble that way.

Sorry for the 'repeats' above. but trying to give you a grasp of exactly what is happening.

k6-2 350
pcchips 100 mb (listed in the 'good' hw list)
128m pc100 ram (2 64mb sticks)

10g total partition (3 partitioss... let the install program setup parttitions)

hayes accura 336/65k fax modem ext (using it right now)

OH, total newbie here, so please explain as completely as possible. Been trying different distro's and Mandy 9.1 is the best so far.

Oh, also, I have that floppy distro blt2 and Knoppix and kppp works with them!! Had to set timeouts out some tho, same with knoppix cd.

So all hardware WILL/DOES work with linux. Been on net for hours with knoppix and blt2.

iainagray 10-02-2003 02:21 PM

You didn't by chance get Mandrake 9.1 off of Linux Format Mag did you?

kppp is (I believe) on disk 3 of the distro, which didn't come on this freebie. If you can access the net with Windows then go to the following:

and get it there (and any other bits you're missing)


Iain :)

eculbert 10-02-2003 02:37 PM

Ah Ha. ONLY have disk one and two...Will get Jimmie to d/l disk 3, Thanks, thought something was 'fishy' like 'where's the'.

Give me a few days to tinker with disk 3. Will format and re mandy9.1 with 3 goooood disks. Having him d/l all three again.

Everything above this statement was done in Windoze, but this line is done with basiclinux2.0. The two flappy linux that has links as its browser. SOOO I know my hardware works..just got to get kppp working on Mandy. Actually, I have this stuck on the windoze partition so NO flappy except the pppsetup one which could be tossed IF I wanted to change everything every time.

tigerflag 10-02-2003 03:27 PM

When I installed Mandrake 9.1 (all 3 disks), KPPP didn't show up anywhere. But when I went into the Mandrake Control Center as Root and updated the system and user menus, it showed up in the menus under Networking > Remote Access (or something like that- I'm on a Windows box at work right now.)

Open up the Mandrake Control Center, click on System (I think) then Menus. Follow the prompts to update the System Menu and User menus. You want to click on the menu formatting or type icon and select "All Programs", plus the "What to Do?" option, if that appeals to you. Make sure you save your settings.

About your RAM, I think PC-133 SDRAM will step itself down one level to run in a PC100 machine. RAM can usually step down one level, but not more than that. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong about that.

Depending on your MoBo, you might get better performance with 1 big stick, than several smaller ones. If you have 3 or more RAM slots, try leaving an open slot between sticks. If you have problems that you think are memory related, like not POSTing, try putting the memory in different slots.

Hope this helps...

Siri Amrit

eculbert 10-02-2003 03:36 PM

Answering a few good re:'s by you guys. No, I didn't get it out of a magazine, but a friend d/l'd it for me, but only the first two disks the first time. Now he has all three, will run md5sum on them prior to iso burn to cdrw. I only have win98 first so had to get a 1.1usb burner and it only cdrw's at 4x max. The write stuff (boxes) all state 90 plus percent after it gets going.

The memory answer, My two 64m sticks are in bank 1 and 3 of a 3 bank system. IF I can swing it, will get one 256m and see if it makes much diff at 350mhz.

Still banging on the basiclinux 2 os. Love that simple little unsecure system!!!

tigerflag 10-02-2003 03:57 PM


"IF I can swing it, will get one 256m and see if it makes much diff at 350mhz."

you probably know this, but it's important to get good quality memory, not generic cr*p. I've had good luck with PNY and Crucial.

I had one wierd mobo awhile back that didn't work if I put my 1 stick of RAM in the 1st slot, but ran fine with it in the 2nd slot.

I had a mobo with 4 slots for PC133, and 2 sticks of 256 Megs each. I had run it with only 1 stick just fine. When I added the 2nd stick, BIOS still only detected 256 Mb. When I reversed the 2 sticks, in the SAME slots, BIOS saw 512 Mb. Go figure...

Two of my mobos have only 2 slots each and won't work with both of them filled. I think that's a rip-off.

Hey, I just noticed we're in the same city! Dante's Inferno? Nah! At 100 or so it's COOL now!

Siri Amrit

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