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gazza 03-17-2005 08:43 AM

kded driving me mad !!!
Can someone please help with this problem because I am getting sooooo frustrated !
Kded is eating up all my cpu. Also it takes AGES for my desktop icons to show up !! and when they do ALL of my mount icons i.e cdrom, dvd, memory card, have all dissappeared !!!

The ONLY way I have found to stop this is by killing the process.

when I type "ps -aux" I get:

12828 96.2 2.3 25132 12220 ? R 14:12 25:47 kdeinit: kded

As you can see 96.2 cpu usage and it happens on EVERY reboot AND log in.

It seems a few other people are experiencing the same problems.

I just dont know where to look or what to look for so I can solve the problem.

Xsession-errors reports the following: (i dont know whether its relevent or not)

klauncher: WARNING: KRun::processDesktopExec: No URLs supplied to single-URL service /usr/bin/mozilla %u
DCOP aborting while waiting for answer from 'kded'

Im sure this is all related but I just cannot find a solution.

Someone pllleeaassee help with this

I live in hope !

thank you.

opjose 03-17-2005 09:57 AM

Set up your URPMI sources, and perform the Mandrake updates.

This was fixed in the first KDE update.

BTW: Do you have a USB device plugged in? If so remove it.

gazza 03-18-2005 02:57 AM

Yes I do have a USB device plugged in. Remove it for good ? or just while I update ?...............

opjose 03-18-2005 12:19 PM

Remove it until afte you perform the updates.

Usually usb devices are the cause for high kded utilization.

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