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TheCrizu 12-06-2005 12:05 PM

KDE icons disappearing.....
Hi all! I have this problem with my KDE icons(and with gnome also),That all icons in main menu,except the application icons itself,has been replaced with standard folder icons.This first appeared in using kde 3.4.2, and i thought perhaps it is bug there,and upgraded to 3.5.0,but it still persists.i tried to fix them manually,using kmenuedit, and menueditor in sysconfig center,but when i restart kde,everything is back again.problem varies a little bit in different user modes,and in gnome,but its present anyway. i.e if i fix them in kde root,they will stay fixed,at least most of them.(in rootKDE).

Other problem is that when i try to remove some icons,they dont stay removed,or i cant remove them,because they do not appear in kmenuedit,not in any view or usermode,but they are there in the menu.

is there some system libraries,that by upgrading them,may fix this?

Cant i configure menus via some cfg file manually,and is it recommended?

I am using mandriva 2006 with kde 3.5.0 RC1,on P4 512MB Machine


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