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gaelen 04-13-2004 07:06 AM

ITE raid, Mandrake, 10 2.6.4 kernel install problems
Hello I have had some problems while installing MD 10 onto one of my systems the current specs are

1.4Gz Athlon Thuderbird
K7VTA3 Motherboard
512 DDR RAM (single chip)
Two 60Gig IDE Harddiscs
Floppy drive
Matrox MGA G450 DualHead AGP
ITE 8212 RAID card

The current set up for the drives is that the 2 harddiscs are connected to the IDE raid card and the dvd rom is on the first ide channel on the motherboard.

My problem is when installing the drive from I always seam to compile the wrong version.

The mandrake install kernel looks for 2.6.3-4mdkboot i386 gcc-3.3 but I can only seam to make 2.6.3-4mdk i586 gcc-3.3 from the source code ITE had provided and the kernal source mandrake is supplyed with.

Is there anyway that I can make this compatable with the mandrake install kernel or force it to use the driver in the install?

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