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TurboI 08-31-2008 06:36 PM

ISA sound card on Mandriva 2008.1 not working- pulseaudio issues...
Hello all. I am trying to get sound to work on my secondary system. It is a Socket7 system with a K62+/550 and a Crystal 4235 ISA sound card. ogg123 appears to play an .ogg file, saying it is playing through PulseAudio output, but I cannot hear anything from the speakers. I have used alsamixer to turn everything on, and PCM is turned up to 90% like usual, but there is no "Main" control, so it is either muted, or does not exist in this driver.

I would use Harddrake and Sounddrake, but ISA cards are not supported in Mandriva, you have to use alsaconfig or sndconfig, and this is the mess I end up with them: no "Main" mixer control, "PCM" can be turned up, but I don't get sound. The nice little GUI option on my other computer, with the options to use Pulseaudio or not, doesn't even come up on a machine without a PCI sound card...

Thanks in advance...

edwardp 09-01-2008 04:13 PM

Go into the Mandriva Control Center, select Hardware and Sound Configuration. Uncheck the box marked "Enable PulseAudio" and click OK.

Unchecking that box will force the system to use ALSA alone and not route the audio through PulseAudio. See if that helps.

I do not know what support there may be today in Linux for ISA-based sound cards.

TurboI 09-01-2008 07:10 PM

Well, I reinstalled to try some stuff. I cannot use DrakSound to disable pulseaudio like you suggest, because Draksound will not run when it does not detect a PCI sound card. The funny thing is, that all the modules including native ALSA and OSS emulation are all loaded(I guess by udev). I uninstalled alsa-pulseaudio-plugin or something like that, but still have a few issues. I might have to live with it like it is. I am going to try the Mandriva forums to see if somebody can tell me what the manual/CLI equivalent to the "enable pulseaudio" and "route alsa through pulseaudio" options are in draksound...

I might see if I can dig up a PCI sound card to run draksound and do it that way... It's a little sneaky and might work.

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