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anothernixconvert 11-28-2005 09:57 PM

Intel onboard soundcard not working
I don't have any sound playing through my computer speakers. I'm really new to linux so I might be missing something obvious, but under the Mandrakelinux Control Center it shows:

‎ICH2 810 Chipset AC'97 Audio Controller

As my soundcard. I've checked in Kmix and my volume's not muted or anything. I've run aslaconf as root and made sure the right driver was selected.

As for drivers I have:
Driver Module: ‎i810_audio
Alternative drivers: ‎snd-intel8x0

Does this seem right?

What else can I try? Is there an error console that logs all errors? Startup on my box looks normal with no errors.

floppywhopper 11-29-2005 07:46 AM

Have you tried selecting the other driver
and re-starting KDE ???

if you haven't, try it
and let us know how you go

if that doesn't work, just go back and select the other driver
i.e. the one you're using now

sometimes Mandrake on setup will select an older OSS sound driver
rather than the newer ALSA drivers

as I said
try it


anothernixconvert 11-29-2005 09:20 PM

Alright, so I switched it back and forth between the two drivers (leaving it on the original one), restarted, and it works. Cool. Thanks :)

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